Firstly, please note that Noise Watch Australia has a new website under construction during 2014, www.noisewatchaus.org.au. Although not yet in its final form, there is further information available, and the site will continue to build up into a more comprehensive resource over the course of this year.

Welcome to recognition that noise is a larger component in Australia's society and its living environment than it deserves to be, and the issue is being ignored by politicians. This website presents information and links to assist understanding and management of noise and its effects. It provides resources in the menu on the right of the screen, to help you navigate sources of assistance.

The website also provides opportunity for you to tell your experience: where are you, what is occurring, who is responsible for your distress, and which authorities are not acting in the public interest to contain the noise and the risk to your well being.

Join with others to change how noise is considered, and how it is managed. We all need to act to reduce risk from noise in our community. Noise invokes threat to economic, social, and environmental facets of life. We need to act to ensure integrity and health of individuals and our community. Noise introduces unwarranted and unpaid-for risk that none of us can afford. Noise Watch Australia intends to promote universal recognition of the harmful effects of noise on both the physical the psychological health of individuals in our community.

How to use this website

Use the menu on the right of the screen to navigate through our website resources. The News and Campaign sections have sub menus - click on "Home" to return to this home page. Here is a list of the sections:

  • About Us - our objectives, membership, announcements, donate, etc.
  • Education - current noise laws, the health effects of noise, etc.
  • Links - community groups, authorities, legislation, studies, articles, etc.
  • Campaigns - letter writing, action campaigns, etc.
  • News - noise pollution in the news and media
  • Contact - tell us your noise story, surveys, polls, etc.
  • Partners - businesses who share our values of peace and quiet
Most of this website is hosted on www.blogger.com, hence you will see a blue Blogger banner at the top of the screen. You can use the "search blog" facility, but ignore the other features on the banner.