Articles on Noise Pollution

Noxious Barking: Insanity Exposed - Tasmanian Peter S. Bright's essay on Noxious Barking: Lifting the lid on owners, councils, legislation.

Strata Life - At last, someone is listening (Sydney) - with increasing numbers of strata developments being built and occupied, the State Government needs to fast-track new legislation to keep up with what is already the most significant lifestyle change in this country in generations.

The Doof-Doof Music - B.J. Coman, Quadrant Magazine
And so, it is true to say that the doof-doof music is but a tiny part of a much larger problem. Nonetheless, I believe it to be far more irritating than most other noises because it is a deliberate assault on silence and upon other people's privacy. Jet engines are louder. So are some large trucks, jackhammers, ambulance sirens, and so on. But we are prepared to tolerate these noises as being a necessary evil.

Quiet please! Fighting noise pollution - Australian academy of science (also see links on right of page).

Australia's traffic too noisy - Australia's vehicle noise limits are double the level of international standards and need to be upgraded ..

Dr. Karl - Thanks to a mate's tape recording that he made in the Simpson Desert, and a cute set of anti-noise headphones that I tested in a Dick Smith shop, I suddenly realised just how noisy our cities really are.

The Crumbling Of Order - There is invariably some household that feels free to inflict their music upon the surrounding homes, hour after hour; some lout who blasts the silence with their battery hi-fi at an otherwise idyllic picnic spot; some hoon with a car converted to a mobile sound blaster, inanely prowling around at all times of the day and night, making sure that everyone knows of their presence.